Tea Variants
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Rabea Express
For Rich Flavor and Smooth Taste
Black Tea
Tea Bag
Loose Tea
The Rabea Express journey was introduced back in the year 2000 to offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy the Rabea Rich flavor and smooth taste and for the Ultimate Chill Out Experience.  Today ...
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For Full Flavor and Golden Color
Black Tea
Tea Bag
Loose Tea
The oldest product under the Rabea logo, Rabea Full Leaf is a staple in Saudi households. Still the Number One brand in the Saudi loose tea category, Full Leaf is part and parcel of Saudi tea traditio ...
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Extra Strong
Extra Strong Taste and Color
Black Tea
Tea Bag
Loose Tea
Rabea Extra Strong simply offers the Strongest Taste and Color. 
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Premium Blend
Distinctive Flavor and Rich Color
Black Tea
Tea Bag
Rabea Premium is a Special Tea blend which offers a Unique Flavor and Rich Color.
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Rabea Green
Refreshing Great Taste
Green Tea
Tea Bag
Within the global change in lifestyle and trends towards a healthier lifestyle, regular tea drinkers started to follow this trend and shifted to healthier and more sophisticated choices such as the gr ...
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Herbal & Specialty Tea Collection
Indulge In Wellness
Herbal & Specialty Tea
Tea Bag
The new collection of nature's goodness  Indulge yourself and your beloved ones with the new collection of premium Rabea Tea made of natural herbs featuring great flavor and pure ingredients. ...
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Saudi Professional League
Rabea Tea is the Official Sponsor of Saudi Professional League
In every house there is a fan, who is glued to the T.V, a fan who goes to the game despite the very hot weather, who loses his voice while cheering, and there is the one who turns to be a coach or spo ...
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Tea For Every Taste
If all people were alike and identical..  If they had the same interests, personalities and characteristics.. What would life look like?  It would be so plain, as if it had no color and no t ...
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Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty Care From Your Home
Did you know that you could brew a cup of tea for homemade beauty recipes? Many nutrition experts recommend using tea to improve the overall health and appearance of skin& hair, due to its numerou ...
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Recipes & Ideas
Become a Tea Expert
Explore with us new and innovative recipes to prepare your favorite cup of tea
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Express Every Day
Rabea Express
We Love to Express because we are smart, fun, and unique individuals who have the freedom to choose who we really are. We are limitless and stand against standardization and believe life simply should ...
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