The proper way to serve tea:

When you host guest for tea:

  • Never pour tea into the cup placed on the table. Pick up the saucer (with the tea cup), pour the tea and hand the saucer to your guest. 
  • Before serving the cup, ask your guest “With milk, sugar, or lemon?” Add the requested ingredients and place a spoon on the saucer if it is not already there.
  • To prevent saucer spills and provide room for additional ingredients (milk, honey, sugar, lemon) fill the teacup only three-quarters.
  • If you’re serving tea in tea-bag form, never-ever bounce the tea bag up and down in your cup to help the steeping process. 
  • Never drain a tea bag by winding the string around a spoon. Remove the tea bag from the cup and place it on a plate on the table. 
  • Use both hands to lift both cup and saucer to drink from.
  • Always keep your tea cup and saucer close together, do not separate more than 12 inches apart. If you stand up, the saucer goes with the cup!
  • Never place your empty cup, saucer and plate back on the tea table when you leave. The tea table is the display for the tea and food and should remain beautiful through the tea time.